IGS Nordic Chapter has been establised!

Joint Chapter of Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland was established on 26th of October 2021. The aim is to increase the activites and peoples involved by joining the forces.

The Finnish and Norwegian Chapters have been operating already more than decade, but in Sweden, Iceland and Denmark there hasn’t been a IGS Chapter yet. However, the number of the active members and resourses of the Norwgian and Finnish Chapters has been rather limited and the idea about co-operation and a joint Nordic Chapter has been discussed.

The aim of this new Chapter is to promote and spread technical reasonable and sustainable use of geosynthetics and foster the knowledge of geosynthetics
Focus on Nordic conditions and practices, specially focucing on Nordic conditions, typical aggregates and soils, and construction practices.

The first annual meeting will be on 10th of March, together with a webinar.

Published by MinnaL

Blond reseacher and lecturer at Tampere unversity, Civil Engineering

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