Invitation to the First Annual Meeting of IGS Nordic Chapter

The first annual meeting will be on 10th of March 2022 after the webinar at 16:15 CET. The meeting is open for all interested. Meeting in organized virtually in Zoom.

Meeting agenda

  1. Opening the meeting
  2. Listing the Attendances
  3. Choosing the chairperson, secretary, scrutinizers of minutes (2) and tellers (2) of the meeting
  4. Confirming the lawfulness and validity of the meeting
  5. Approving of the agenda
  6. Minutes of the constitutive meeting of IGS Nordic Chapter
  7. Approving the strategy, budget and the subscription of the year 2022
  8. Annual general meeting in 2023
  9. Other business
  10. Closing the meeting

Pre-registrate here to get the access link! Sign up for the annual meeting and the webinar

Published by MinnaL

Blond reseacher and lecturer at Tampere unversity, Civil Engineering

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